Student vacation programmes

We offer a formal, two-week Student Vacation Programme at our Johannesburg and Cape Town offices during the summer and winter holiday periods.

The closing dates for applications for our annual vacation programmes are:

Winter Vacation Programme (June/July 2019) to 01 March

Summer Vacation Programme (December 2019)

Please note that we will consider all applications, regardless of whether the application is received before the closing date or not. It is in your own interest to submit your application sooner rather than later as your chances are greatly increased by submitting the application before the closing date.

Why not spend time with us and find out who we are and what we do?

Our annual vacation programme for law students is extremely popular and has gained a reputation as an exciting and rewarding experience.

We attract students from universities across the country, as part of this programme.

During the vacation programme, you will be assigned to a team of professionals (directors, associates and candidate attorneys). Your day-to-day activities may include training sessions; discussion forums; consultations, drafting of documents, court attendances and legal research. You will be given the opportunity to work in at least two different practices areas during the course of the vacation programme.

We include various training sessions and skills development initiatives as part of the vacation programmes. It therefore provides not only an opportunity to experience the law in action and to develop your skills, but also to meet students with similar interests.

The in-house training for vacation students covers the following: 

  • library orientation;
  • legal research;
  • orientation and training on how to use the electronic resources and databases (ie Juta, LexisNexis, Sabinet etc);
  • drafting of legal documents;
  • computer skills;
  • practice management sessions and
  • various specialist legal topics. 

Our programme is designed to give you an intricate understanding of how our firm works, how our fee earners interact and the nature of our relationships with our clients.

Why not spend time with us during the next university holidays? Submit your application now by completing our online application form.

What did students say about our firm during our most recent vacation programme in January 2016?




Warm and welcoming

Excellent in what they do

Top tier

Simply the best

I loved the fact that I could work with some of the best lawyers in the country

One reads about these cases in the newspapers and here I was looking at the file and sitting in consultations to discuss the matter!

Let's ask those with first-hand experience of the programme

"I participated in the Vacation Programme, which was a useful introduction to Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr. I can assert its importance in providing me with knowledge of the way in which law firms operate, and the commitment that is required to excel. The understanding of Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr's internal processes certainly prepared me for actual work at the firm."

"The Vacation Programme gave me a good feel for the cultural environment and work ethics pervading the firm. It also gave me a good sense of the nature of the work that I may be required to do and standard expected of me".

"I just love it!"

"My experience as a Candidate Attorney at Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr has been eye-opening, fulfilling and gratifying. Put in short…I would do it all over again!"

"I am fortunate to work at a firm that is interested in my professional growth and promotes an environment of continuous learning and development. I am privileged to be exposed to the best in resources and professionals that the legal practice has to offer." 

"CDH is a wonderful, challenging place to work and start a career. You are valued as a CA and your contribution is genuinely considered and seen as input, which you recognise from your first day. Being given the opportunity to work in this environment and with the calibre of people that are at CDH is an opportunity to work and learn from the best. I have experienced first-hand the moments which make it all worthwhile, even on those days when you find yourself challenged far beyond anything you expected or thought you could handle, you will surprise yourself. CDH is a name that commands respect and esteem."