Who we are looking for

We look for all-rounders, ie  students with a good academic record, good communication skills (oral and written) and interests in areas outside of their studies (ie sport, culture, university initiatives, community work etc).  We value integrity, a positive attitude, a willingness to embrace the firm and a commitment to contribute to a successful partnership.

Good organizational skills Solid Academic Record All rounder Attention to detail Communication skills Ability to work as part of a team Integrity Positive attitude Commercial awareness

All Rounder

We are looking for students with a solid academic record, interests in areas outside of their studies and who may actively contribute to their communities.

Solid academic record

Whilst we are not necessarily looking for straight A students, academic performance is important. Your academic record is an indication of your potential as a prospective candidate attorney and your commitment to your studies.

Communication skills

Good communication skills are essential in the legal profession. This encompasses written and oral communication but also other interaction with colleagues and clients.

Ability to work as part of a team

Team work is key to success in the fast paced world of commercial legal practice. Most matters require collaboration between practitioners of different levels of experience. An ability to slot into a team and play a role is essential, and the start of learning to become a team leader of the future.

Commercial awareness

A desire to be an attorney in a commercial law firm should be coupled with at least a basic awareness of the South African commercial and commercial-legal landscape. Start by reading the business press on a daily basis.

Good organisational skills

An essential attribute for an attorney to ensure that he/she can cope with workloads, and, that client and colleague expectations are met. Attending to all matters timeously, and efficiently is part of our quality commitment to clients and we are looking for people who share that ethos.

Attention to detail

The law is complex, there is no room for oversight. Every piece of work we produce must be error-free, in all senses. We want people who don’t tolerate sloppiness or mediocrity, who will got the extra mile and who understand why the dot over the "i" is important.


We value honesty, fairness and moral character. Our professionals adhere to the ethical standards of the legal profession.

Positive attitude

We are looking for someone who is motivated, committed to hard work and with an appetite for life.