Vacation programme

What is vacation work or vac work?

We offer practical training to second and third year law students in the form of our annual summer and winter vacation programmes.

We view our vacation programme as an exciting and rewarding experience during which students are assigned to a team of professionals. Their day-to-day activities include training sessions, discussions, consultations, drafting of documents, court attendances and legal research. Our vacation programme is interactive and designed to give students an intricate understanding of how our firm works, how our fee earners interact and the nature of our relationships with our clients. It forms an integral part of our firm’s graduate recruitment programme. Learn more on our vacation programmes.

What did this year's vacation students say about our firm and our culture at the end of the programme?

“Enlightening”; “Impressive”; “Inviting”; “Friendly, warm”; “Come back again”; “Balanced”; “Chilled but excellent”; “Dynamic”; “Unassuming”; “Youthful and professional”; “Open and friendly”; “Comfortable”; “Two thumbs up”