Training and skills development

Does the firm support further studies by staff members?


We have an extensive bursary and loan scheme for purposes of post graduate qualifications and encourage our lawyers to pursue post graduate qualifications (i.e. diplomas and LLM degrees).
Most of our associates are studying towards a post graduate qualification.

We also offer busaries with regard to the notarial practice and conveyancing examinations.

Do we ensure that candidate attorneys receive adequate training?

Yes. In addition to an accredited in-house CA training programme in preparation for the board exams, candidate attorneys are invited to various other training sessions and case law discussions. We also offer financial support with regard to the notarial practice and conveyancing exams.

What is the structure of the candidate attorney training programme?

Through a rotation programme, our candidate attorneys train for up to six months in different practice areas. We do take the wishes of our candidate attorneys into account for purposes of their third and fourth rotations.

We also offer continuous skills training, interactive discussions of case studies and new legal developments, and access to our vast database of legal resources designed to advance comprehensive professional knowledge and skills.

How do our candidate attorneys feel about this?

"Articles has taught me to work hard and to make sure that I am precise in everything I do. I have developed and improved the following skills: communication skills; drafting skills, time management skills; and research skills."

"Articles not only teaches you invaluable life skills (such as achieving a work-life balance), but also etiquette for the business world. This would include how to manage difficult clients, how to interact with legal counsel, and how to draft properly"

"The training CDH supplies to its candidate attorneys is second to none. This training ensures that you are up to date with all the latest legal developments, which is possibly one of the most important aspects to being an attorney -  being up to date.

To summarize

We value learning, training and skills development as an important part of Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr’s corporate culture.

We offer a comprehensive in-house training programme which includes:

  • An accredited, in-house Practical Legal Training programme for candidate attorneys;
  • An accredited, in-house Practical Legal Training programme for candidate attorneys;
  • An accredited, in-house Practice Management Training programme for new directors;
  • Legal skills development programmes;
  • Continuous professional development programmes;
  • Regular case law discussions and presentations on a range of specialist legal topics for our lawyers;
  • Regular computer applications and IT training for all staff members;
  • Client seminars/workshops and tailor-made training sessions and training material for clients.