Why Choose Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr

We believe in partnering with our candidate attorneys. Our graduates are given every opportunity and the means to reach their full potential under the guidance and supervision of leading lawyers.

Whether the corporate culture, training and skills development, efficiency, retention prospects or career development and growth is what you are after, Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr offers an environment where you can excel.

Our corporate culture

At Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr we believe in partnerships.

The partnerships we cherish and value most are those we have forged through time and experience with our clients and our people.

The environment

We offer an environment where graduates are given every opportunity and the means to reach their full potential. We want our candidate attorneys to succeed.

Training and skills development

Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr values training and skills development as an important part of its corporate culture.

We invest considerable time and resources when it comes to training and skills development.

We offer a well-structured, formal in-house training programme.

We believe that we undertake skills development and skills transfer with sincerity and genuineness. 

This is evident from our comprehensive in-house training programme which includes, for example:

  • An accredited, in-house Practical Legal Training programme for first year candidate attorneys;
  • An accredited, in-house Practice Management Training programme for new directors;
  • Legal skills development programmes;
  • Continuous professional development programmes;
  • Regular case law discussions and presentations on a range of specialist legal topics for our lawyers;
  • Regular computer applications and IT training for all staff members;
  • Client seminars/workshops and tailor-made training sessions and training material for clients.

Training and skills development

It’s about more than just training. 

We want our candidate attorneys to succeed as lawyers and our in-house training, skills development and mentorship programmes are aimed at equipping them with the necessary tools.

Experience and exposure

We offer real experience working with world-class companies on quality matters and transactions. We offer opportunities to work and train in diverse teams of like-minded lawyers, some of the best in the world.

Resources and systems

Our resources include, for example:

  • Advanced knowledge and information centres
  • National and international databases
  • Database of standard documents and legal know-how
  • Advanced legal research tools
  • An advanced document and email management system


Our candidate attorneys receive the best level of experience and learning through exposure to different practice areas. Our candidate attorneys are given the opportunity to rotate to different practice areas during the course of their practical vocational training . The rotation policy enables our candidate attorneys to explore where their niche lies and gain wide ranging practical experience.


The following benefits apply to our candidate attorneys:

  • Free parking
  • Lunch
  • Paid study leave
  • Medical aid and provident fund
  • Comprehensive study and training material

Career development

  • Mentoring
  • Regular performance reviews
  • Professional support
  • Skills development programmes
  • Realistic opportunities for promotion
  • Work life balance