Our Knowledge Management

Leveraging what we know

Immediate access to information and knowledge is critical.

In an environment where efficiency matters, Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr invests considerable time and resources in Information Management and Knowledge Management.

Our Knowledge Management team supports lawyers in finding and retrieving the right answers from a wide range of systems, information sources and firm best practices.

Knowledge Management puts the combined expertise of the firm at our lawyers’ fingertips.

Our knowledge management team facilitates and coordinates efforts to enhance the firm’s intellectual capital. In addition, the team facilitates continuous training and skills development programmes.


Our Knowledge Management initiatives include:

  • Advanced knowledge centres
  • Local and international precedent and clause libraries
  • Advanced legal research tools and systems
  • A sophisticated document and email management system
  • An international best practice repository
  • Monitoring changes to law and market practice and keeping our lawyers and clients informed of important developments through regular newsletters, seminars and training courses
  • Transfer of skills and experience from senior professionals to younger lawyers and candidate attorneys
  • Legal skills development programmes
  • An accredited, in-house Practical Legal Training programme for candidate attorneys and an accredited, in-house Practice Management Training programme for new directors
  • A formal, well-structured and comprehensive training programme for all staff members
  • Continuous professional development programmes
  • Client seminars and tailor-made training sessions and training material
  • Workshops, seminars and tailor-made training sessions and training material for clients

For further information please contact:

Retha Beerman
Director: Knowledge Management

Neil Comte
Director: Knowledge Management